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No Local Experience

We assist new migrants overcome barriers such as no local experience and establish themselves in the new unknown work environment and work culture. We give their careers a rebirth overcoming obstacles of them not having any local experience and being over or under qualified for the job. We also do skills assessment reviews and guide them on the courses they need to undertake to reach their desired career goals.

Mandar the Prinicpal of the consultancy himself is involved in each & every outplacement program helping professionals develop their careers goals and assist them in reaching positive outcomes using different proven tips and tools including our well known new migrant’s job search workshops.

New migrants finding your first job in Australia

The positive results achieved from previous workshops and coaching programs over the years have been instrumental in this workshop being the number one such program for new migrant job aspirants. The workshop instills confidence and realigns skills set with Australian workplace to make sure new migrant professionals & those who have gone through a career transition process secure their dream roles in occupations of their choice. In these workshops we try and include specialists who are leaders in their own industry as guest speakers to share their key insight and discuss work opportunities.

Following are some of the links which will assist new migrants for securing their dream jobs in Australia