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Which state and city, should I migrate to, to start my career in Australia?

Mandar, I am a newly arriving in Australia on PR visa.  I am not sure which state should I go to for seeking my first job in AustraliaI am hearing lot of stories from other migrants and migration agents and trends seem unclear.  Please suggest.   As a New Migrant Job Search Career Coach this is among the top questions that I am asked when I conduct my seminars and workshops.

Choosing which state/city to live in Australia, or even where to land initially once you migrate is a big decision.  It will have a big impact on how comfortable you feel in your new country of choice and on how successful your migration effort is going to be.  To some extent it may also determine if your migration effort is successful.

Most new migrants have heard some stories or watched videos about cities, heard about those from friends and some might have even visited Australia as tourists.   However, majority of them don’t have much idea of which state and city to choose to live and work in.  I am not going to compare and write about the climate, weather patterns or lifestyle but realistic employment career options.

Assuming you have full points to migrate and can chose any state you want to live in, then here is my answer –it is in two parts.  My primary answer is, it depends on what your profession, skills and experience is.  Secondary answer, is in which city or state do you have support in terms of any relatives and friends who can assist you during the first 3 to 6 months of your arrival?  Theses first months are crucial in your migration effort.

Each state and capital city in it, offers its own advantages. If you are going to be a seeking a job as government servant Canberra is your best option, but please note that for most government positions you need to be Australian citizens not just permanent residents. Adelaide and Darwin have totally different weather patterns, good cities to live in, but generally offer low employment opportunities for new migrants unless you work in Defence, Oil & Gas or Infrastructure.  Perth in WA should be your choice if you are Petrochemical or Mining industry person.  Brisbane in Queensland, is literally the sunshine state and a place that all Tourism, Farming and Agriculture professionals should consider seriously.

What if you belong to Education, Engineering, IT, Accounting, Marketing, Administration, Sales or Medical, Pharmaceutical or Consulting industry professions?  If you just look up at the number of job advertisements in all states or even cities for that matter and just sum up the vacancies in any good job board, you would realise there is one clear big winner, in the lead than any other city, it is Sydney.  Melbourne would come in a distant second, followed by Brisbane, most of the times.

Sydney with its huge population and job opportunities just cannot be ignored by any new migrant. Yes, the rents and cost of living is high, roads are grid locked, and commuting can take up to an hour, but that’s my point exactly, it’s because the city offers more job opportunities, than anywhere else, that people flock to Sydney. It’s more cosmopolitan by nature, suits most urban lifestyles with people from various cultures living together. Most big business have their HO offices in Sydney or Melbourne. Even big multinational companies have their regional or representative offices and their services centres located either in or around these 2 cities.

Yes, my view is biased as a fellow Sydneysider, but I have spoken with new migrants in other states, asked them about how they feel and also considered how much time it took for them to secure a job? It is what matters at the end of the day. Secondly, you can first migrate to Sydney NSW and then after gaining local experience maybe you can move inter-state?  That is much easier than directly migrating to smaller cities. Why even Australian teens interstate, consider a move to Sydney for career options, its simply the business city of Australia. Sydney, NSW, is costly, crowded, urbanised and has peak hour traffic issues, but at the end of the day it’s your best bet!


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