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How to read a job advt and understand the key criteria?

Some of my students who are job applicants, claim they have applied for hundreds of jobs but have not been selected, or yet even shortlisted for the roles. Firstly, I am surprised to hear that they can find hundreds of suitable jobs in the current job market, specifically suited for their experience. Secondly, it’s not surprising they do not get any response, as they are applying for jobs ads they think they can get, but in reality are not really suitable for as per the selection criteria. So what is and how to understand the selection criteria? ..

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Why don’t recruiters find me a role? Call me for an interview?

As a job seeker or a new migrant, you sent out of lot of general job applications from online job boards and ad lists, expecting interviews.  You expect a big flood of interview requests; at best maybe you get a trickle of email responses, maybe one or two calls. You get back a slow or no response from recruiters and then you start disliking recruiters in general as such. ..

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