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What do ‘Job seeker’ candidates & new migrants expect from ‘Recruiters’?

Well ... they expect jobs would be the short answer!  But if you ask job seekers and new migrants what they expect from recruiters in general, then you would open a Pandora’s box.  I keep hearing a few common feelings. Here is a short wish list.

Candidates expect Recruiters –

-             to be more willing to listen to candidates.  It is that basic.  Candidates often tell me, especially new migrants, that because they sound different or have worked overseas, recruiters have already made up their mind about their candidature.  Like if they worked with an employer X they won’t be suitable to work with employer Y, or they have no local experience!

-             to communicate honestly and not have a general drag ad representing a multitude of mix job skills. Do you really want a superman of IT?  A network systems administrator with testing background, Mainframe exposure, coupled with Java programming skills and SAP functional experience?

-             What is the realistic time frame they can expect and what constituents the recruitment process?  Candidates tell me they trust and develop good relationships with those recruiters who communicate openly and are in control of the recruitment process.

-             Provide a full detailed position description or information spec about the vacant role. Not just have the requirements of a general test analyst or explain key skills requirements vaguely on the phone.

-             Mention the full details of the end client/employer to the candidate - before the candidate’s details are referred/given.  Just maybe, the candidate is not interested, or already rejected or has been referred across?  I have heard of stories where one candidate resume was referred for the exact same position, from 3 different agencies as none of them bothered to check or secure appropriate authorization with the candidate.

-            In relation to the above, job seekers feel recruiters should not refer them across to multiple employers without the proper approval. A new migrant Architect was recently told by a would be employer, that her resume was already referred across to him by an agency and since they do not use agencies, they had decided not to consider her candidature seriously!

-             They should give proper candid feedback as to why a particular candidate did not go through to the next round or get rejected as unsuitable for the role, especially if they have gone through all agency formalities?

-            Ideally recruiters should not form opinions just on basis of social media profiles or personal profiles of candidates in various portals, although I have heard this is happening a lot in recent times. Also is the case for no local experience, sometimes international experience is more varied challenging and candidates can have latest technical skills.

-            They should clearly communicate to the candidates if the contract is not getting extended or going permanent as was discussed earlier due to change in circumstances.


Any others I may have missed?

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