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Number 1 question asked by new migrants: How soon will I get my first job in Australia?

As a Job Search Career Coach for new migrants, this is the top question asked by new migrants to me. “How soon will I get my first job in Australia?” Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer and it depends on lot of factors.  It depends on your education, skills, knowledge base, location and experience which are the primary factors.

The secondary factors are those which are far more important such as, your attitude towards the entire migration effort, willingness to consult a professional, ability to adapt to new environment and of course understanding - what is the demand for your skills here? What is your own risk factor? Are you prepared to engage a professional Coach to help you find a job? Are you going to spend valuable time going after jobs without knowing your suitability & chances of getting them, or just keep wasting time? 

Just because you see job ads mentioning the same title or same skills as you have in job boards doesn’t mean necessarily that those jobs are waiting for you. What happens is you keep sending out applications expecting a flood of response and don’t even get a trickle of replies. Secondly the job market changes very fast.  You have worked hard to get that visa to work here now it’s up to you to make it happen by investing in a professional consultant to achieve your migration and career goal.

I know new migrants who have successfully secured a job through my help within days if not weeks after arriving in Australia and have also met those, who struggled for long period of time over 6 months to a year. Some people say it takes about 1 to 2 months, some say 3 to 6 months and so on.  Thing is they answer this question on the basis of what has been their own experience. They forget that others are not their clones. They are different people with totally different career skills sets.

Correct answer is it all depends. Just because it took a certain specific time for your friend or relative with similar skills does not mean it would take you same time. The job market, experience, skills profile, communication skills, even personality etc. are all subtle differences that people forget when comparing themselves amongst their own professionals. Add to that the important aspect of interviewing skills and ability to be flexible or work in odd jobs if required?

Please remember that people are quick to mention their success stories and high’s, but rarely mention their own struggles and low’s at times. Sometimes they also forget to mention or give credit to the professional help they secured to get their first job in Australia. Here are at Careers Reborn we try to help as many new migrants as we can through our coaching, to secure jobs in Australia. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do the same and secure early success or keep struggling.   As a new migrant you want to make a head start in your career then you need a proper professional first job. You just need to raise your hand, send that email or make that call and request for assistance.



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