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Are you unknowingly making the career switch blunder?

 As a Career Coach who works with lot of new migrants and job seekers I see this picture often. Most skilled migrants focus more on their migration effort and  sort of assume they will easily get job in their own field, OR they will accept any job that they get easily – for short term.  This leads to risking their entire migration effort.

After migrating they naturally start jobs search in their own profession/field.  For whatever reason, they are unable to get a role that they desire in their target industry/type and they decide to adjust.  In other words they migrate with certain specific amount of resources and cash and as that starts to dwindle they then decide to take on a role or an odd job to survive for the time being. Say for example someone who is originally an IT Engineer/Mechanical Engineer who decides to work as forklift driver or an Accountant who starts to work in customer care.  Else they just decide to work in semi skilled role (in comparison to their previous experience, qualifications, knowledge and skills-set) is the best way to put it. A lot of new migrants work in these sort of semi skilled jobs in their initial struggle. Let’s call it a small temporary career shift.

 Now, after a few months comes a time that they start earning some money or let’s say good money - if they get a chance and do some weekend work in shift or on penalty rates. What happens is they get both - busy and comfortable with this life. Time passes, slowly they start to make new friends, start enjoying work, save some money, get a driving license and they start feeling settled.  They realise they need a car as a daily necessity to get groceries or drops kids to school and so they continue to work in the same role to get a car loan and a rental lease in their own name.  Now their fixed outgoings change and they have to work in these roles properly. They are sucked into the new migrant better lifestyle trap.

In other words they feel they are well on their way towards achieving their migration dream. Then months pass… maybe even a year…. or two. However, physical work is getting tiring or becoming frustrating. They feel they are not using their tertiary qualifications. Shift work has started reducing and weekend work is gone. They see friends and other job seekers who arrived after them get good jobs and they have a “trigger awakening event” which makes them re-think their career goal and realise something, somewhere has gone wrong. It hits them! They have made the career switch blunder.

They decide to start searching for proper jobs in their own professional area of work.  However now they get rejections, faster and quicker and in more numbers.  What has happened is that they have unknowingly changed their profession.  It’s going to be very difficult for them to go back into their own erstwhile professional career area.  They now belong to a new semi skilled profession in which they have been working hard to survive here for the last 2 years. That is local experience and new profession here!

 My friends don’t let this happen to you. Once you realise job search is difficult in your adopted country - meet career consultants, immediately.  Don’t leave it too late. Meet those that specialise in your area of work and have helped other new migrants. Those that have a few success stories to share.  Break free!  Make your migration dream a reality!



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