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Are you leaving the most important part of the migration process to chance?


Hi Mandar

I passed my points test and got high ranks in the IELTS exam and got PR, also Australian industry body recognizes my qualifications. However, I am still not able to get a suitable job! Why?

This is a question that I have been asked quite a few times. While applying for PR, prospective migrants first try to learn and study how the migration process works. They give lot of importance to preparation of that application for migration, passing the points test and getting qualifications and experience vetted out. However, getting the 'Permanent Residency Visa' is the utmost priority - they don’t give as much thought to the job search part in their new adopted country. They think they can and will try and wing it as they go. They assume that it will be a similar process to what the job market is/was in their own country. If they land 4 interviews based on their qualifications and experience in Asia, or are getting shortlisted for phone or Skype based interviews from Dubai, then the same would hold true for Australia and New Zealand.

My friends, alas this is not how it always works! The first point to note here is migration and job search are 2 very different processes. Just because you got through one easily, does not mean you will breeze through the second one, as well. You may or you may not! How many points you got in your points test for permanent residency visa has no bearing on the outcome of your job search. What many new migrants are finding out now actually, is that it’s very tough. Australian Economy is growing slowly and not creating a lot of jobs. I don't want you to learn that too late, the hard way. It is proving to be a long struggle for a lot of people.

After getting PR visa, the full professional effort is required to understand how the job market in Australia and New Zealand works. Can you get a job before landing here? How much time frame is realistically required? What is the real demand for your skills? What is the scope and performance in the industry you used to work for - here? Is contacting your friends or relatives who are already here really going to yield any results? Are there enough jobs at the professional or senior level that you can target? Are you really going to take the first job you get even though it might be an odd job just to survive?

You have already spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, for this new life, for a fresh start for fulfilling your dreams in your new adoptive country. Are you willing to just wing the most important part of the migration process? Leave the job search to chance and luck?

Have you studied and found out which city and state has best job prospects for your qualifications and preferred industry? Are you risking your entire job search process part to chance? Should you really listen to your colonial cousins’ advice who migrated a decade back? Are you going to leave the start to your fresh new life to chance and luck? If you are, you might find yourself venting out your frustration about the difficulties you are facing and feeling rejected when things get tough.

Instead of leaving things to chance and luck, are you prepared to invest in your own successful migration process and your career? Are you willing to invest in the services of a professional Career Coach? One who specializes in assisting new migrants find jobs? Don’t leave things to chance and struggle a lot. You have done all the hard work and right things to get so far. If you didn’t leave the migration process to chance and used a professional migration consultancy to migrate, then shouldn’t you use a professional approach for your job search?

Yes ‘Career Coaches’ do get results for their clients, but they are not magicians, you need to take the approach and consult them proactively. You need to take that first step and reach out to them as soon as possible, once you get your visa, so that they can make your career dreams come true. At "Careers Reborn" we work with lot of new migrants and local Aussie job seekers to make things happen. To make change happen. But good things take time, money and effort, ultimately its your career.


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