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5 secrets of successful job hunting in the Xmas & New Year holiday season

As a New Migrant Job Search Career Coach, I get a few interesting emails and this is one of them.

 Hi Mandar,

Is it true that the job market closes during the year end festive holiday season in Australia? If I am in between roles or a new migrant who has recently arrived, - looking for any jobs, what would you suggest me to do during this time frame? I am ready to do any odd jobs.

 Yes it’s true that the professional job market is slightly subdued during the year-end holiday season but the job market in no way closes. It’s true that there is less hiring. The recruitment activity for normal permanent jobs slows down during this time. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

 Here are some secrets I can share for successful job hunting in the Christmas New Year holiday season. 
  1.  Some companies that work a Calendar FY system, from January to December, get new projects approved and budgetary allocation done for next year in December. They do most of their interviewing and recruitment in December to engage and start off new staff in the New Year. This happens just before the holiday season starts.
  2.  During the holiday season, some professionals might have planned to take annual leave or extended time off. This would be planned well in advance, wheels put in motion. In this scenario if an urgent new project comes in, then companies tend to look for short term contractors to fill this gap. Those professionals who can hit the deck running normally get these roles.
  3.  Sports is often an overlooked area. The year end and New Year holiday season does bring in some big-league sporting events into the country. The sports organizers engage agencies that hire casual staff for these sporting events, to be based around the stadium - for a day or even a week. The travel & tourism industry offers seasonal employment during the holiday season to cater to holiday makers coming into town.
  4.  Casual job market in the hospitality sector experiences a small - holiday season jump. Event/party organizing companies, restaurants and cafes look for qualified staff to fill in such short duration roles. This is more so in the CBD areas or party happening places. Seasonal jobs like courier delivery, package sorting, pick packers and casual workers are often required by companies which are involved in the holiday business. Note that these jobs start to get filled in November itself, depending on your availability and commitment.
  5.  Additionally, the retail shopping sector shows its own spark during this time. Have you tried to do shopping for gifts in big retail shopping places in the last 2 or 3 weeks before the holidays? It’s difficult to even find a parking spot at mid-day! Most shops are full of people searching for bargains and big specials on offer. Where do all these extra people come to circulate the trolleys and show specials and help with parking? They get retail jobs.

 Last, but not least, since a lot of job seekers think the job market is going to be slow, they don’t look for a job which means there is sometime less competition. Recruiters are also under some pressure to finish off hiring and complete the recruitment process before the holidays. I have experienced this myself working right up till Christmas Eve to get things done.

 The year-end holiday season is in fact the best time for people to invest in learning new strategies, reviewing their careers and seeking professional help to reach career objectives early next year. It’s the best time to review and then act. Its the time to meet your Career Coach and start planning your next career move.


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