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Urvashi who secured a job after taking silver package says..

I came to know about Career Reborn Coaching Program through his article on Facebook about LOCAL EXPERIENCE. As at that time I was getting rejected because of lack of local experience and getting very low salaries quoted.

I met Mandar, who was my career coach. After meeting him I got to know that he has v good knowledge of the job market in Australia and is really committed towards helping new migrants. The coaching process was good and elaborate. He helped me in getting into the crux of what recruiters want from me as the candidate and then we started working accordingly. He helped me in developing my candidature. Slowly, I started getting interview calls . Even after completing my course he was in constant contact with me.

I have now got my first job as a Marketing Communications Coordinator at the expected salary level. I would highly recommend this program to all the new migrants as this program will help you in filling the gap between you and your first job quickly.

Thank you Mandar for your help and Guidance." from Urvashi who secured her first job in Marketing