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Tanay Agashe from Adelaide

Mandar is an excellent people’s man. He is a doctor without being in medical profession. He corrects your attitude and approach which is of paramount importance when you are on foreign shores hunting for a livelihood. Being a master in your skill domain is 80% of the job, but the remaining 20% is your attitude and approach which actually eludes many people of some very handy roles. Mandar’s career coaching program helps you to rectify these mistakes in the best possible way without being overtly safe but instead instilling hope and confidence. Attention to detail on social activity and social handles which may be a deal maker or a breaker are extremely impressive. Above all I would say, he is a thorough professional and a kicker friend which is a highly recommendable combination. His eagle eyed view on the Australasian job market is fabulous and not to be missed. I would easily recommend people to get in contact with Mandar and reap on the benefits which he is more than happy to oblige.

Tanay secured a job after completing our Bronze Coaching Package.