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Surendranath Katkar says

Hi Mandar,


I just wanted to write and say thanks for your valuable coaching. I was really inspired and it was helpful going through all the week by week gradual process of career coaching. The process we went through made everything simple and clear-cut.

I would rather call the entire process as “eye-opener” as it has changed all my traditional ideas and strategies to get a job in Australia. Your research and statistics has helped me a lot identifying target jobs.

In my specific case, I have been rejected many a times earlier reasoning overqualified since I was carrying 10+ years of vast overseas experience, that too worked as a manager since many years in middle-east. However, your guidance helped me changing my perspective
. And now within hardly few months of local experience, I am back to the manager level.

Again, I thank you for all the guidance that you have provide to me time to time. I shall strongly recommend your services to anyone trying to find first job in Australia.

Surendranath Katkar