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Rohit from Parramatta who took our Bronze Package

Rohit arrived in Australia on a PR visa and realised that his background and experience within the electronics industry had limited scope in Australia since its more of a services and mining economy here without a big manufacturing base. He felt he needed support direction and advice as he was getting varied from different sources. He had no contact base locally in Australia. He approached Careers Reborn and coaching started the bronze coaching program

His feedback is :

"The Career coaching process is beneficial for people trying to look for opportunities in the market to which someone is not acquainted or is quite nascent to it. Looking for opportunities is quite a challenge for a person not hailing from Australia. Mandar provided key  Moral support and would always be more of a friend than a career coach with whom you could share your ideas and feeling and in return of it Mandar would use his expertise, knowledge and reference to provide you with fruitful solutions. I would like to recommend coaching process from Mandar to candidates coming from a background or possessing skills which are quite niche. To someone who needs advice on ways to survive and identify different areas in which a candidate can use his past skills and experience in the right manner."

Rohit ranked our coaching program 7 on a scale of 10