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Preeti who secured an internship from Careers Reborn says

I was struggling to find a job in my area of work within the IT industry in Sydney. Then I started applying for odds jobs and few sales and marketing jobs but I was not really happy about it. 

I met Mandar and discussed about the field I was interested in and my experience. He guided me as a well wisher  and a friend more than a coach. He used his experience and contacts in the industry and found me an internship after a month. I have started my internship and I feel great and very excited to start learning new things.

It is very difficult to find jobs in a country like Australia where opportunities are restricted to only few industries and especially when we do not have enough contacts. Most of the jobs ask for local experience, hence internships help in such cases where we can understand the nature of work and their culture. It will be helpful and a guidance for people who are new to the place and finding it difficult in getting a job.  

Mandar's experience, contacts, passion, transparent approach, in-depth understanding of job market and the needs, flexibility, friendly nature along with his guidance can make your career for lifetime.