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Pranay who secured a job in 5 weeks after commencing the Silver Coaching Package

Pranay arrived in Australia on PR visa. Despite working with bigwigs like Infosys and Tech Mahindra he was unable to break into the job market here. While he had strong skills, He read Mandar’s blogs on LinkedIn and his website and then tracked him down to start coaching in late 2015 enrolling in the Silver coaching program. In his case creating a strong resume, skills profile and interview skills were the focus areas identified. Since he was working in a odd job part time, the coaching took place in the evenings at a locally convenient location after work. Within a few weeks after the coaching started he had interviews happening and soon secured his first contract role in Australia.

His feedback is :

“Mandar is extremely knowledgeable and a very friendly consultant. He is working hard to coach new migrants to overcome their job struggle. His knowledge of Australian job market is excellent. His coaching sessions have helped me to secure my first job and surely the knowledge will help me in a long run. I would highly recommend Mandar to job seekers."

Pranay ranked our coaching program 8 on a scale of 10