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Minal from Bankstown - re started her career as a Software Developer after a gap of 3 years

Minal heard about Mandar his coaching from friends and on social media. She had previously worked in India as a Senior Team Leader in leading IT companies like TCS but had sometime gaps in her career. To her credit she decided to take up coaching from Careers Reborn in the afternoon when her little one attended school. The coaching actually took place in Cafe shops. After a skills gap was identified and sessions completed Minal slowly started getting some traction in her job search. She is now working back into her thriving career as a Software Programmer.

Her feedback is :

"A very good coaching program ...really helpful, with an organised and methodical approach. Ultimately, it helped me find my dream job. ...Happy to rank it above 8 on a scale of 10!.... I would definitely recommend it for new migrants who are struggling to enter the Australian job market."

Minal secured a job after completing the  Bronze Coaching Package.