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Gaurav Raje from Melbourne says

Gaurav: Arrived in Australia in 2015 as a resident on spouse visa after working for 2 years in England and 5 years in India in the Facilities and Civil Engineering Management area. He tried to get various jobs in his own field for more than 6 months but could not get through because of lack of local experience and other smaller issues. He heard about Mandar  Careers Reborn through a friend and then approach us. Now after going through and completing the Silver coaching program he has finally secured a role in Melbourne in his own field. 

His feedback is : 

"Mandar is an excellent career coach. He knew the recruitment process thoroughly, and was able to tailor everything to suit my needs. His experience in HR helped me to understand the job market for my field in Australia, and to understand the needs of Australian employers. I also appreciated Mandar’s flexible approach. As I am located in Melbourne, he was most willing to deliver the lectures over Skype. At times when I wanted to clarify concepts further, Mandar was happy to go over the allocated time to make sure I understood everything. He also made himself available over the phone when I required his assistance in various applications and during interview preparations. Mandar was dedicated to helping me establish myself in the Australian market and motivated and guided me in an excellent way during my job search. Thank you Mandar for helping me to kick-start my career in Australia!

Mandar is very dedicated to his clients and his work. What sets Mandar apart is that he is willing to go the extra mile to help you and he makes sure that you are motivated to keep trying until you succeed. Mandar was very methodical, and had a clear and transparent approach. He was thorough in his explanations, and used different examples to help me understand the various concepts. The program was successful in helping me to find a job within my field in Australia. During the coaching program, I began to receive calls from recruiters, which I found very motivating. I attended several interviews, and soon after the completion of the program, I got employed. Rank the program as ultimate 8.5!! "