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Feedback from Mayuresh Godbole

I am glad to recommend Career Coaching program conducted by Mandar to all new migrants who are planning to settle in Australia. It was very helpful and practical in approach. I found Mandar a very energetic, positive and motivating individual. He designs unique coaching program for each individual based on the qualifications and skills and job requirement in Australia. He is a great listener and always available for any support required. When you land in Australia and start looking for a job, you seek advice from friends, relatives and acquaintances about various methods to get employed here. More the advices, more the confusion since it’s based on individual’s experience. Mandar being an experienced coach knows exactly what needs to be done based on experience and skills of the individual. Hence the efforts are focussed and yield results. Mayuresh who secured his first role in Australia within 3 weeks of completing the silver coaching package