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Feedback from Dipak T who started our coaching before migrating from India

 I decided to take the Career Coaching from Mandar in June 2016 (5 weeks prior to my arrival date) I resigned my  job back in India to migrate to Australia earlier this year. Since then it has been amazingly transforming journey for me for last 9 weeks and only ended with none lesser than a complete success! I got job as Senior Test Analyst in Melbourne within first 4 weeks of my arrival! I thank Mandar very much, he certainly has a big share in this success, I must say!

Mandar is very knowledgeable and encouraging mentor for me in my career path and rather most critical phase of it. The spot-on advise he provided to start the coaching before landing in Australia was crucial and worked in absolute favour in order to get myself better prepared for actual job hunt and interview preparation.

- Mandar helped me with number of tailor-made solutions to specific problems in my case and specially with my areas of technology, interests, background and aspiration which worked out superbly for me.

- In order to be able to stand-out amongst the herd of job seekers, you always need not only the special tips/tricks but also efficient strategies which was key for me getting the job in almost 4 weeks of landing. Mandar been the sole coach for me in such areas during my 4 weeks preparation phase (in India) and 4 weeks Job seeking phase (Australia).

- Mandar is very professional (but very friendly and flexible too) and has quite disciplined (but adaptive to the needs & situation) course structure which nearly guarantees you the success of finding the job you aspire for.

- Lastly, one of the key points I must mention is that Mandar kept providing me the support and guidance outside his sessions and after completion of his course which only enhanced my skills and confidence and progressed me closer to the success.”