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Dinesh recommends

I am glad that someone pointed me to Mandar about 6 months ago. I was sleepless in Sydney with very cold responses from the recruiters, both big and small, to my job applications. Meeting Mandar brought some fresh air into my job search episodes. I realised very quickly that I have to change my approach to every step in the process to increase my chances of landing a job.

It was like I got my one year’s understanding of the Australian job market in just 15 days. The coaching, like a crash-course, helped me to meet the right people, be at the right places and take the right actions. In less than 3 months I was working for an Australian employer (although on a contract) and more importantly was more confident and happy.

Today, after 5 months in the contract role, I have secured a regular job. What makes me happier is the fact that I moved into a role that is driven by my passion and skills and NOT something I want run away from after an year. I have not secured JUST ANOTHER JOB but I have earned my DREAM JOB. I thank Mandar for guiding me and for being a true friend through the process.