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Testimonials from our valued customers :

Nandini says

I approached Mandar when I was wondering if I should continue in my current profession or switch to a new one. Mandar guided me through the process, understanding the reasons and helped me reach a decision. He also helped me to identify skill gaps and the areas where I should look for jobs. He assisted in fine tuning my CV and provided me with insights and guidance regarding my job search. He gave me the confidence to face the job interview, which I was doing after a long time. The career coaching was very thorough. Mandar gave examples and explained nitty-gritties of job search in Australia really well. He is resourceful, detail-oriented, has a strong grasp on the Australian job market. Mandar is very good. Ten on Ten coach. He is very approachable, understands the challenges migrants face and the work culture we come from. He explains trends in Australia really well and coaches us to seek our own answers. He gave excellent inputs on my CV and helped me fine tune my job search to get more interview calls.Today, I have secured a job and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mandar’s help. ..

Amol recommends..

Mandar has helped me rewrite my resume in Jan 2017 which made it look much better than before in terms of my achievements and skills. I was struggling to get calls from companies in Australia before and would land up getting frustrated and disappointed. After updating my resume as per Mandars suggestions, the number of interview calls had definitely increased. I passed one such interview and was able to get a job in my profile as a Software Developer. Mandar has in depth understanding of the Australian Job market which he has achieved through his vast experience and knows exactly what changes are needed to be done to your profile to get recognized as an ideal candidate for any company. His attention to detail is immense. I would definitely recommend Mandar as a career coach on whom you can always rely to get the desired outcome."..

Swapnil adds that

I took career coaching from Mandar in Feb 2017 and got a job in March 2017. After getting No replies for 100s of job applications, I decided to join Career Reborn. From the day one Mandar provided me valuable guidance and things started to work for me. Mandar has very good knowledge of Australian job market and with an addition of his experience in recruitment, he knows the key tricks to represent yourself over the phone or in a personal interview. Also, different sessions are well planned and executed and followed up by Mandar with a lot of assignments and practice...

Dinesh recommends

I am glad that someone pointed me to Mandar about 6 months ago. I was sleepless in Sydney with very cold responses from the recruiters, both big and small, to my job applications. Meeting Mandar brought some fresh air into my job search episodes. I realised very quickly that I have to change my approach to every step in the process to increase my chances of landing a job. It was like I got my one year’s understanding of the Australian job market in just 15 days. The coaching, like a crash-course, helped me to meet the right people, be at the right places and take the right actions. In less than 3 months I was working for an Australian employer (although on a contract) and more importantly was more confident and happy. Today, after 5 months in the contract role, I have secured a regular job. What makes me happier is the fact that I moved into a role that is driven by my passion and skills and NOT something I want run away from after an year. I have not secured JUST ANOTHER JOB but I have earned my DREAM JOB. I thank Mandar for guiding me and for being a true friend through the process...

Feedback from Prachiti..

Mandar from Careers Reborn enhanced my resume to make it invaluable and attractive to employers. I had taken maternity break for couple of years so I was away from workforce for long period so it was challenge to get back. I felt very confident after going through my career review with him. His input, changes and rewriting of my CV helped me get shortlisted for an accountant job. He guided me through complete application process and explained me in detail how to build up perfect CV which led me to my new role! I highly recommend Careers Reborn …feedback from Prachiti..

Feedback from Sushant

Mandar is a very professional career coach and very unique in terms the solutions he provides to the problems. He has a capability to identify the precise blocking issue and have a workaround about it as he has a vast experience as a recruiter in Australian job market. So I highly recommend Mandar as a career coach especially for the new migrants who have never worked in Australian industry. Mandar had created a special package for me as he identified that I just needed to be fine-tuned for interviews. My profile was in demand and I was getting interview calls but I wasn’t being able to crack them. It fixed my long time issue while appearing for interviews. I believe this one time coaching will help me throughout my career in Australia...

Abilash says..

Mandar is a guy who can help you with any career based situations. His techniques and concepts were a true eye opener. In short, he is a timely mentor who made a difference to my career. I would rank the one on one coaching process, the content and package as very useful and rank it 9 on a scale of 10! I truly feel that people can get a lot from him. They can get all their questions answered and get focused in their career...

Hemant says..

I am glad I started the Career Coaching with Mandar via Skype while I was in India. Then having landed in Perth due to my Visa restrictions, and with the market situation not looking so good in Perth, I decided to get my restrictions waived off from the department. Mandar guided me with the state change procedure and my shifting to Sydney. Once in Sydney, due to the year end Xmas holiday season, I had to wait again for a few more days for market to open. During this period, Mandar helped me in keeping my morale high and also for working some more on my Resume. With Mandar’s expert guidance, I have started with my first Contract job in Sydney in spite of not having any local experience. Rank the coaching as very useful and 8 on a scale of 10! ..

Feedback from Rahul from Blacktown

tHE The coaching program was very useful because it helped me shape my profile after being stuck 10 years in the same company. Eventually it helped me in getting noticed and land a new job. I would be happy to recommend this coaching program because... it is beneficial and brings out aspects of the job search that you may have completely from Rahul who ranked the program 10 on 10 and changed jobs after a decade. ..

Feedback from Mayuresh Godbole

I am glad to recommend Career Coaching program conducted by Mandar to all new migrants who are planning to settle in Australia. It was very helpful and practical in approach. I found Mandar a very energetic, positive and motivating individual. He designs unique coaching program for each individual based on the qualifications and skills and job requirement in Australia. He is a great listener and always available for any support required. When you land in Australia and start looking for a job, you seek advice from friends, relatives and acquaintances about various methods to get employed here. More the advices, more the confusion since it’s based on individual’s experience. Mandar being an experienced coach knows exactly what needs to be done based on experience and skills of the individual. Hence the efforts are focussed and yield results. Mayuresh who secured his first role in Australia within 3 weeks of completing the silver coaching package..

Feedback from Sunil Kumar

Mandar is a passionate coach, who delivers the content with a practical approach. He ensures that the concepts are clearly delivered and hit straight into the brain. The coaching has prepared me well to tackle the difficulties in job search and had given me a clear insight of the Australian market and job culture even before entering Australia. I have arrived Australia with confidence after attending his coaching, and had hit the ground from day one after arriving....Feedback from Sunil Kumar who started his coaching from India and secured a job in HR within 4 weeks of landing using the silver coaching package! ..

Feedback from Gayathri from Paramatta region

Mandar motivated me to get my first job in Australia through his career coaching. The structure of the coaching programs was useful and the content excellent. I rank it 9 out of 10. The best part of the coaching program is I got definite directions on how to move forward in my career. I came to know various aspects about how recruitment happens within Australia. Mandar made his effort to keep me motivated and was always available over the phone for any queries. He helped me to find a job in the field I was interested in and using my experience. I highly recommend his services to all…. Gayathri from Paramatta region..

Urvashi who secured a job after taking silver package says..

I came to know about Career Reborn Coaching Program through his article on Facebook about LOCAL EXPERIENCE. As at that time I was getting rejected because of lack of local experience and getting very low salaries quoted. I met Mandar, who was my career coach. After meeting him I got to know that he has v good knowledge of the job market in Australia and is really committed towards helping new migrants. The coaching process was good and elaborate. He helped me in getting into the crux of what recruiters want from me as the candidate and then we started working accordingly. He helped me in developing my candidature. Slowly, I started getting interview calls . Even after completing my course he was in constant contact with me. I have now got my first job as a Marketing Communications Coordinator at the expected salary level. I would highly recommend this program to all the new migrants as this program will help you in filling the gap between you and your first job quickly. Thank you Mandar for your help and Guidance." from Urvashi who secured her first job in Marketing ..

Feedback from Roshan who got a job within a week

Mandar knows the detailed workings of Australian job market. He has very good connections in Australia. His blog which Australian cities would attract more immigrants is very apt. He motivates you a lot and keeps you positive. The content and structure of his coaching program is excellent. It prepares a new migrant to face the challenges of job search in Australia and keeps you motivated to find the job, at the earliest. Rank is 10/10. Feedback from Roshan who got a job within a week after taking our silver coaching package..

Feedback from Rajlaxmi who secured a job in 2 weeks

Thank you so much for guiding me through the entire process of securing my first job as a Town Planner in Australia. I came to Sydney 8 months back with full of enthusiasm to work as an experienced Town Planner with diverse skills. However, after coming to Sydney, I realised it is not an easy job to find a 'JOB'. I met many people convinced about my abilities and experience, which was not enough and I ended up with nothing in my hand. I had lost my confidence. I met Mandar, through a seminar and after struggling on my own, I decided to take coaching from him. He is very helpful and has this passion for helping people to secure a job in Australia. The process of coaching really helped me to understand employer's requirements and tackle the requirement of 'Local Experience' which is most crucial part of Australian job market. My confidence gradually increased week by week. As an HR expert, Mandar knows minute details of Resume writing and he guided me to improve my Resume. He always made himself available over the phone and clarified all my doubts every time. I take this opportunity to Thank you Mandar for helping me to establish myself in Australian job market. ...Feedback from Rajlaxmi who took our silver package and got a job within 2 weeks after coaching as a Town Planner. Regards, Rajlaxmi..

Feedback from SC from Melbourne

I am glad that I was introduced to Mandar when I was still in India and needed career guidance to find a job in Australia. I had been unsuccessful once earlier and wanted someone who could guide me at every step of the way in my job search. He motivated and inspired me to pull my socks up if I had to get me in the door. This coaching program helped me find the right path suitable for me. I would rank the coaching program as very useful in a job search and say all new job seekers need to consider it. I would rank it 9 on a scale of 10! ….Feedback from SC from Melbourne …who got a job as a Project Coordinator …in few days after landing in Australia.. after taking our bronze coaching package...

Feedback from Dipak T who started our coaching before migrating from India

I decided to take the Career Coaching from Mandar in June 2016 (5 weeks prior to my arrival date) I resigned my job back in India to migrate to Australia earlier this year. Since then it has been amazingly transforming journey for me for last 9 weeks and only ended with none lesser than a complete success! I got job as Senior Test Analyst in Melbourne within first 4 weeks of my arrival! I thank Mandar very much, he certainly has a big share in this success, I must say! Mandar is very knowledgeable and encouraging mentor for me in my career path and rather most critical phase of it. The spot-on advise he provided to start the coaching before landing in Australia was crucial and worked in absolute favour in order to get myself better prepared for actual job hunt and interview preparation. - Mandar helped me with number of tailor-made solutions to specific problems in my case and specially with my areas of technology, interests, background and aspiration which worked out superbly for me. - In order to be able to stand-out amongst the herd of job seekers, you always need not only the special tips/tricks but also efficient strategies which was key for me getting the job in almost 4 weeks of landing. Mandar been the sole coach for me in such areas during my 4 weeks preparation phase (in India) and 4 weeks Job seeking phase (Australia). - Mandar is very professional (but very friendly and flexible too) and has quite disciplined (but adaptive to the needs & situation) course structure which nearly guarantees you the success of finding the job you aspire for. - Lastly, one of the key points I must mention is that Mandar kept providing me the support and guidance outside his sessions and after completion of his course which only enhanced my skills and confidence and progressed me closer to the success.”..

Feedback from Omkar who got his graduate job through our coaching

As a client, Mandar has given me a great experience. His skills in HR have helped me understand my field a lot clearer. He has been able to help explain things to me in a clear and structured way, such that I have been able to make progress towards my job goals. The Careers Reborn graduate training program has been a valuable tool in helping me find employment. It has set me up to be able to understand how to find a job in my field right now and in the future. I would definitely recommend Mandar, and his Careers Reborn graduate training program to job seekers. His style of teaching is unique to each individual, and he works with you in a very dedicated manner to find a job!..

CV writing feedback of Avinash from S W Sydney

Mandar from Careers Reborn enhanced my resume just like cutting and polishing ‘Diamond’ to make it invaluable and attractive to employer. His input, changes and rewriting of my CV helped me get shortlisted for an important government job as per the selection criteria. He guided me through complete application process for public sector jobs. I felt very confident after going through my career review with him. I came to know many aspects of recruitment process and career from Mandar. I highly recommend his Career Reborn services to for CV writing services from Avinash from S W Sydney..

Feedback from Jyotsna

I was seeking a job in childcare area for sometime after doing my course but finding it difficult to get a permanent job due to lack of experience. Someone suggested I get in touch with Mandar from Careers Reborn. He went through my resume and suggested some changes as a Career Coach. Through his efforts, I managed to get an trial contract within a big childcare agency in the city. While I was unsure of this, Mandar input was crucial during this stage contract phase. Slowly time passed and recently I was offered my permanent dream job within childcare industry. I would like to thank Mandar from Careers Reborn for his help, support and direction. I wish I had contacted him from Jyotsna..

Ketan who got a local government job..after initially finding it difficult to break into the job mar

Mandar is a professional Career Coach. He knew the recruitment process and Sydney market thoroughly, and was able to tailor everything to suit my needs. His experience in HR helped me to understand the needs of Australian employers. I also appreciated Mandar’s flexible approach. Mandar was very methodical, and had a clear and transparent approach. He was thorough in his explanations, and used different examples to help me understand the various concepts. He motivated me to keep going in a very positive way. I would recommend Mandar to everyone......Ketan who ranked our silver coaching program 8 on 10. He secured a permanent job after our coaching in the local government..

Surendranath Katkar says

Hi Mandar, I just wanted to write and say thanks for your valuable coaching. I was really inspired and it was helpful going through all the week by week gradual process of career coaching. The process we went through made everything simple and clear-cut. I would rather call the entire process as “eye-opener” as it has changed all my traditional ideas and strategies to get a job in Australia. Your research and statistics has helped me a lot identifying target jobs. In my specific case, I have been rejected many a times earlier reasoning overqualified since I was carrying 10+ years of vast overseas experience, that too worked as a manager since many years in middle-east. However, your guidance helped me changing my perspective. And now within hardly few months of local experience, I am back to the manager level. Again, I thank you for all the guidance that you have provide to me time to time. I shall strongly recommend your services to anyone trying to find first job in Australia. Surendranath Katkar..

Pooja who secured an Internship through Careers Reborn says

I was facing difficulties due to lack of local experience here hence I thought of the intern ship program to overcome this problem. I considered the internship program to get local experience in Australia. I just needed one chance to prove my abilities here, having that now has given a real boost to my career prospects. The internship process was quick and smooth. Mandar takes care of all aspects required to obtain a right intern ship. It feels great to be back in action now. Thank you...

Preeti who secured an internship from Careers Reborn says

I was struggling to find a job in my area of work within the IT industry in Sydney. Then I started applying for odds jobs and few sales and marketing jobs but I was not really happy about it. I met Mandar and discussed about the field I was interested in and my experience. He guided me as a well wisher and a friend more than a coach. He used his experience and contacts in the industry and found me an internship after a month. I have started my internship and I feel great and very excited to start learning new things. It is very difficult to find jobs in a country like Australia where opportunities are restricted to only few industries and especially when we do not have enough contacts. Most of the jobs ask for local experience, hence internships help in such cases where we can understand the nature of work and their culture. It will be helpful and a guidance for people who are new to the place and finding it difficult in getting a job. Mandar's experience, contacts, passion, transparent approach, in-depth understanding of job market and the needs, flexibility, friendly nature along with his guidance can make your career for lifetime. ..

Shailendra who took our silver package says

Mandar is an experienced Coach. He offers experienced insight to Australian Job Market, gives a new hope and help people achieve their first break in Australia. His ability to clearly explain the hard facts about Australian Job Market and personal guidance to build the strengths helps build the new view point. With his guidance, my candidature started getting noticed and I started receiving the calls for interviews. His guidance and Tips are helping me to build my career in Australia...

Gaurav Raje from Melbourne says

Gaurav: Arrived in Australia in 2015 as a resident on spouse visa after working for 2 years in England and 5 years in India in the Facilities and Civil Engineering Management area. He tried to get various jobs in his own field for more than 6 months but could not get through because of lack of local experience and other smaller issues. He heard about Mandar Careers Reborn through a friend and then approach us. Now after going through and completing the Silver coaching program he has finally secured a role in Melbourne in his own field. His feedback is : "Mandar is an excellent career coach. He knew the recruitment process thoroughly, and was able to tailor everything to suit my needs. His experience in HR helped me to understand the job market for my field in Australia, and to understand the needs of Australian employers. I also appreciated Mandar’s flexible approach. As I am located in Melbourne, he was most willing to deliver the lectures over Skype. At times when I wanted to clarify concepts further, Mandar was happy to go over the allocated time to make sure I understood everything. He also made himself available over the phone when I required his assistance in various applications and during interview preparations. Mandar was dedicated to helping me establish myself in the Australian market and motivated and guided me in an excellent way during my job search. Thank you Mandar for helping me to kick-start my career in Australia! Mandar is very dedicated to his clients and his work. What sets Mandar apart is that he is willing to go the extra mile to help you and he makes sure that you are motivated to keep trying until you succeed. Mandar was very methodical, and had a clear and transparent approach. He was thorough in his explanations, and used different examples to help me understand the various concepts. The program was successful in helping me to find a job within my field in Australia. During the coaching program, I began to re..

Pranay who secured a job in 5 weeks after commencing the Silver Coaching Package

Pranay arrived in Australia on PR visa. Despite working with bigwigs like Infosys and Tech Mahindra he was unable to break into the job market here. While he had strong skills, He read Mandar’s blogs on LinkedIn and his website and then tracked him down to start coaching in late 2015 enrolling in the Silver coaching program. In his case creating a strong resume, skills profile and interview skills were the focus areas identified. Since he was working in a odd job part time, the coaching took place in the evenings at a locally convenient location after work. Within a few weeks after the coaching started he had interviews happening and soon secured his first contract role in Australia. His feedback is : “Mandar is extremely knowledgeable and a very friendly consultant. He is working hard to coach new migrants to overcome their job struggle. His knowledge of Australian job market is excellent. His coaching sessions have helped me to secure my first job and surely the knowledge will help me in a long run. I would highly recommend Mandar to job seekers." Pranay ranked our coaching program 8 on a scale of 10..

Rohit from Parramatta who took our Bronze Package

Rohit arrived in Australia on a PR visa and realised that his background and experience within the electronics industry had limited scope in Australia since its more of a services and mining economy here without a big manufacturing base. He felt he needed support direction and advice as he was getting varied from different sources. He had no contact base locally in Australia. He approached Careers Reborn and coaching started the bronze coaching program His feedback is : "The Career coaching process is beneficial for people trying to look for opportunities in the market to which someone is not acquainted or is quite nascent to it. Looking for opportunities is quite a challenge for a person not hailing from Australia. Mandar provided key Moral support and would always be more of a friend than a career coach with whom you could share your ideas and feeling and in return of it Mandar would use his expertise, knowledge and reference to provide you with fruitful solutions. I would like to recommend coaching process from Mandar to candidates coming from a background or possessing skills which are quite niche. To someone who needs advice on ways to survive and identify different areas in which a candidate can use his past skills and experience in the right manner." Rohit ranked our coaching program 7 on a scale of 10..

S Date from Parramatta region says

I am planning to start a new business. Being new to Australian commercial markets,I was unaware of basic requirements to be fulfilled to get started. Meanwhile, I met Mr. Mandar - who is running Careers Reborn Consulting Company. When I discussed my issues with him, he put forward precise solutions to each issue. It was informative session by Mandar packed with comprehensive knowledge-base of industry, rules and regulations and other minute details which are obvious to be overlooked while planning. I am really satisfied with the services Mandar provided and I would strongly recommend people to consider Careers Reborn who wish to seek advise on Careers in Australia..

Dipendu K says

Dipendu arrived in Australia from Europe after working in big fortune 500 blue chip multinational companies as a Business Analyst. Originally from India with very good qualifications and certifications he found the job market tough here with a miss-match of skills. He approached Mandar from Careers Reborn and travelled to his credit 50 minutes one way to attend the bronze coaching package. He is now working with a government department which he secured just after completing the coaching program. His feedback is : "Mandar is a very enthusiastic and encouraging career coach who will guide you in how to start your career in the Australian market. With his tremendous experience in the local market as a recruiter, it is but natural that he has the background knowledge of the industry and will help you in all possible ways to get the crucial first job in Australia. The coaching process is very informative and positive. I got definite directions on how to move forward. After these sessions, I felt more confident about myself. I would recommend to all new migrants score it 9 out of 10 , its very useful, it provides guidance to anyone who is new to Australia. Even if you have extensive qualifications or experience, many a times you are not selected due to lack of local experience. This is the only coaching program which gives you a practical approach on how to address the same. Best part of the program was definitely the positivity of Mandar." Dipendu secured a role as an Analyst within 5 weeks of starting the silver coaching package program...

Madhura says

Mandar is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point of my career change. He was tremendously helpful in providing insights, guidance and discipline regarding job search. Mandar’s careers workshop helped me to prepare for my job search activities as a result of which I was able to find a job in my field in a new country. I would highly recommend Mandar's career workshop to new migrants.Thank you Mandar for your guidance and support. Madhura secured a role after completing our Group Workshop series for recent graduates...

Minal from Bankstown - re started her career as a Software Developer after a gap of 3 years

Minal heard about Mandar his coaching from friends and on social media. She had previously worked in India as a Senior Team Leader in leading IT companies like TCS but had sometime gaps in her career. To her credit she decided to take up coaching from Careers Reborn in the afternoon when her little one attended school. The coaching actually took place in Cafe shops. After a skills gap was identified and sessions completed Minal slowly started getting some traction in her job search. She is now working back into her thriving career as a Software Programmer. Her feedback is : "A very good coaching program ...really helpful, with an organised and methodical approach. Ultimately, it helped me find my dream job. ...Happy to rank it above 8 on a scale of 10!.... I would definitely recommend it for new migrants who are struggling to enter the Australian job market." Minal secured a job after completing the Bronze Coaching Package...

Arvind says

Mandar is a very detail oriented professional, he is hard working and tenacious. After migrating to Australia I had very few interviews due to lack of local experience. I was feeling disappointed and irritated. I then met Mandar and he was very supportive and positive towards my case. I felt he genuinely cares and wants to help new migrants as he comes from the same culture. Through his efforts, within weeks, I secured my first professional job as an engineer within a multi-national company. His grasp of the job market is amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to other fellow migrants. His results, track record and personalized involvement in each of his candidates success, speaks for itself ..

Tanay Agashe from Adelaide

Mandar is an excellent people’s man. He is a doctor without being in medical profession. He corrects your attitude and approach which is of paramount importance when you are on foreign shores hunting for a livelihood. Being a master in your skill domain is 80% of the job, but the remaining 20% is your attitude and approach which actually eludes many people of some very handy roles. Mandar’s career coaching program helps you to rectify these mistakes in the best possible way without being overtly safe but instead instilling hope and confidence. Attention to detail on social activity and social handles which may be a deal maker or a breaker are extremely impressive. Above all I would say, he is a thorough professional and a kicker friend which is a highly recommendable combination. His eagle eyed view on the Australasian job market is fabulous and not to be missed. I would easily recommend people to get in contact with Mandar and reap on the benefits which he is more than happy to oblige. Tanay secured a job after completing our Bronze Coaching Package...

GA from Campbelltown region

I met Mandar in a seminar and I found that probably I was considerably lacking in several fields of job application like preparing resume, phone interviews, etc.In the second meeting Mandar fixed few of the problems and then after all the meetings I was ready to go. After exactly one month, I got the break through that i was waiting for. I am now working in this company for last one month and everything is just going fine. A big credit goes to Mandar for the steps he took in order to prepare me so that i could drag the attention of employers. Thanks Mandar ! GA from Campbelltown region...

Leena says

Thanks to Mandar who explained to me how to address the job criteria and take a leap in terms of getting a proper accounts and admin role from the odd job that I was holding...

Punit's Dad says

Thanks to Careers Reborn my son Punit got his first big local role in Sydney as an Engineer after completing his graduation and getting his PR. Mandar is very knowledable and thorough in all aspects of the job search process. He gave detailed guidance and lot of practical tips after which the job was secured. Rank him highly 8/10. ..

Rakesh T from Western Sydney says

Rakesh migrated to Australia with a strong background in HR. He had previously worked as an HR Manager with a leading Indian IT company with a strong background of academic qualifications including pg-MBA from reputed XLRI. However he struggled to get a proper job in his area of work. So to survive he took up an odd job as basic technician in an electronics firm working for few months. He then met Mandar at a seminar and was impressed. He decided to undertake the bronze coaching program. Since he was working during the week in an odd job, the sessions took place on Sunday His feedback is : "Before meeting Mandar I was getting only rejection letters due to lack of local experience. I was not getting any interview calls at all. After going through the coaching process, I have easily overcome that obstacle to secure my ideal role. " Excellent service. Very effective rank it 9/10. Rakesh secured a job just before completing our Silver Coaching Package...

Shefali says

I was trying to find a job on my own for some time, then finally met Mandar and after that things changed rapidly. I soon got my dream job...